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Personal trainer and owner of Efficient Fitness

15 years personal training experience (2001-present)
Bachelor's degree in exercise science
Certified through NSCA (CSCS) and NASM (PES)


Personal training (in studio)

60 or 30 minute sessions, held in my semi-private personal training studio (pictured at top of page) located in Lisle off of Route 53 and I-88---550 Warrenville Road, Lisle, IL, 60532. Showers and locker rooms available

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Personal training (in home)
60 or 30 minute sessions held in the convenience of your own home. Must have dedicated gym space. Some equipment required

Personal Training (online)
Receive workouts via email to use at your convenience any time, any where

14-Day Physique Transformation Foundation
Designed to lay the necessary foundation in order to begin transforming your physique. 4 appointments which include the following: fitness consultation, goals assessment, body fat check, Nutrition 101, grocery store tour, and personal training session over a 2 week period

Nutrition 101: Eating for fat loss and toned muscles
Approximately 60 minutes, we will cover in detail the important basics of eating for fat loss and toned muscles

Nutrition 202: Advanced nutrition for fat loss and toned muscles
Approximately 60 minutes, we will discuss calories, carbohydrate, fat, and protein gram consumption, meal preparation, and how to keep an effective food journal

Nutrition 303: Weekly nutrition coaching
Once a week 1-on-1 meetings, 30 minutes each, we will review your food journal, discuss any changes that need to be made, and continue to enhance your knowledge in the area of eating for fitness. Nutrition 101 and 202 are required prior to enrolling in this program




Jenny, Personal Training Client
Dropped 25 LBS and 10% body fat!

My name is Jenny and I am 27 years old.  Back in the day, I was a former Division 1 college tennis player.  After college, I kept up with my old habits of eating/drinking whatever I wanted, except I no longer had those long hours of practicing, competing, and just plain exercise.  I knew I needed to make a life change, and try to get back into “tennis shape,” plus I was asked to be in my best friend’s wedding so what better motivation to do so.  After being in the program for about a year, I have lost close to 25lbs and 10% body fat.  I now can do things I couldn’t even do while I was competing at the college level such as running long distances and lifting heavier weights.  The awesome thing about this program is that the sessions are only 30 minutes, yet you feel like you have just worked out for an hour.  Also, you learn what is best for you to eat in order to get the results you want.  Because of this program, I am now more confident in myself.  I feel healthier and even more motivated to continue what I have learned even after the program is finished.  I definitely would recommend this program to anyone who wants to make a change, but just doesn’t know how or where to start.  Committing is the first step to a happier/healthier you!
-Jenny, Naperville, IL

Whitney, Personal Training Client
Lost 21.5 LBS and 6% body fat!

After years of gaining weight my confidence slowly faded and I wasn't comfortable in my own skin. I knew I had to make a change and that's when I went online and found Efficient Fitness. I have been with Efficient Fitness for six months and have lost a total of 21.5 lbs. and 6% body fat! I can now squat 110 lbs. and do dead lifts with 105 lbs. Throughout the process I got to throw away about 15 pairs of pants and I enjoy shopping for clothes again! My confidence is definitely back and I love how strong my legs and arms look! My trainer also helped me with my eating habits. They gave me just a handful of eating tips, which was easy to follow. I love to eat and I eat more now than I did when I was gaining weight! What I like about the program is that the workouts are only 30 minutes! If you need support in losing weight I would definitely recommend Efficient Fitness!   
-Whitney, Downers Grove, IL

Jason, Personal Training Client
Lost 4.3% body fat!

I have been an athlete almost my entire life and spent a lot of time in the gym growing up. Then I went away to school, stopped working out, gained weight, and couldn't get back in the gym. I contacted Jeremy because I wanted someone to help me get back in shape QUICKLY. In just 12 weeks I lost 20 pounds and 4.3% body fat. In addition to his workouts, Jeremy's knowledge and guidance on nutrition was a large piece of my success. I was able to meet and exceed all of my goals during my time working with Jeremy and could not be happier with my results!
-Jason, Wheaton, IL

Jackie, Personal Training Client

Stronger and more fit than before she had 3 kids!

I have been working with Jeremy for almost five months.  My original goal was to see Jeremy one on one a few times, lose some weight, gain some energy and improve my overall fitness level.  Jeremy has far exceeded my expectations and my training with him will be ongoing.  Not only is Jeremy an excellent trainer with an unbelievable amount of knowledge with regards to physical training, but he has focused on my overall health and my eating habits.  I am sleeping better at night, I am stronger and more fit than I was before having my three kids and I get to eat five times a day (this is three or four times more than I did five months ago).  At the pool with my kids last month, I was asked by a woman if I had the time and would be interested in working with her - as her trainer.  Having someone ask me that after seeing me in a bathing suit only reinforced what I already knew, that what Jeremy has taught me works.  I look and feel better than I thought I ever could and at 41, I feel great.  I would highly recommend Jeremy as a personal trainer, you will not be disappointed.  Thank you Jeremy.  
-Jackie, Naperville, IL


Kelli, Personal Training Client
Looks and feels healthier than the day she got married!

I am a stay at home mom of two. Finding time to work out was very difficult and was low on my priority list. Since working out with Jeremy, it has become a part of my regular routine. It has been a very rewarding experience for me. I look and feel healthier than the day I got married. I could not have done it without Jeremy. His experience and professionalism keep me motivated and committed. Now my husband, family, and friends are all noticing the changes and it feels wonderful!
-Kelli, Naperville, IL





Personal training studio location
550 Warrenville Road, Lisle, IL 60532

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